bovine serum albumin

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bo·vine se·rum al·bu·min (BSA),

a source of albumin commonly used during in vitro biologic studies.

bo·vine se·rum al·bu·min

(BSA) (bō'vīn sēr'ŭm al-bū'min)
A source of albumin commonly used in in vitro biologic studies.
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The forth chapter deals with bovine serum albumin market trends review, distinguish bovine serum albumin manufacturers and suppliers.
Interaction of the anticancer plant alkaloid sanguinarine with bovine serum albumin.
Different lots of bovine serum albumin inhibit or stimulate in vitro development of hamster embryos.
2003, An easy sonochemical route for the encapsulation of tetracycline in bovine serum albumin microspheres.
The Blood samples were collected on d 7 and 12 after the injection of bovine serum albumin.
Bovine serum albumin (BSA) is widely used in the biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, and veterinary industries.
Some evidence has linked child-onset diabetes to an allergy to bovine serum albumin in dairy products in genetically susceptible children.
Then the cultures were harvested and re-suspended in bovine serum albumin.
Srinivasan, Anti-inflammatory effects of betamethasone phosphate, dexamethasone phosphate and indomethacin on rabbit ocular inflammation induced by bovine serum albumin.
In addition to the EX-CYTE(r) family of products, Celliance offers a wide range of products for cell culture and diagnostic applications, including Incelligent(tm)-brand recombinant human insulin and Probumin(tm)-brand application specific gra des of bovine serum albumin.
That result came from a study of air bubbles injected into uncarbonated water containing a dissolved protein, bovine serum albumin.

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