bovine brucellosis

bo·vine bru·cel·lo·sis

a disease in cattle caused by Brucella melitensis biovar abortus; in pregnant cows, characterized by abortion late in pregnancy, followed by retained placenta and metritis; in bulls, orchitis and epididymitis may occur; the organism may localize in the udder and thus appear in milk from infected cows.
Synonym(s): Bang disease


Bernhard L.F., Danish veterinarian and physician, 1848-1932.
Bang bacillus - Synonym(s): Brucella abortus
Bang disease - a disease in cattle caused by Brucella abortusSynonym(s): bovine brucellosis
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UC and the regulatory agencies have worked together on many cases of invasive pests and pathogens, including the Asian citrus psyllid/huanglongbing complex, EGVM, diaprepes root weevil, light brown apple moth, red imported fire ant, glassy-winged sharpshooter/Pierce's disease complex, Mediterranean fruit fly, palm weevils, polyphagous shot hole borer, foot and mouth disease, BSE, avian influenza, exotic Newcastle disease, anthrax, bovine tuberculosis, equine herpes myeloencephalopathy, livestock toxicosis, bovine brucellosis and both land and aquatic invasive plants.
melitensis in wild ruminants has not been reported, and these animals are considered an epidemiologic dead-end reservoir (3), the unexpected prevalence observed (-50%) suggests that Alpine ibex could be the source of bovine brucellosis reemergence in the study area in France.
The major problem is many of these animals in and around the WBNP are infected with tuberculosis (TB), or bovine brucellosis.
Contract awarded for Recruitment of medical veterinary services support programmes monitoring, control, removal and elimination of diseases and pests agriculture and forestry: animal tracking program officer, bovine brucellosis eradication, control and eradication of tb cattle disease surveillance of alien (bse).
2007) demonstrated a lack of association of 3' UTR polymorphisms with the resistance against bovine brucellosis.
Also, at the EU level, the occurrence of bovine brucellosis remained largely unchanged compared to 2006, while that of bovine tuberculosis and sheep/goat brucellosis decreased slightly.
It remains one of the most important zoo-noses in the Mediterranean region (1) with Sicily having the highest prevalence of bovine brucellosis.
ARS microbiologist Shirley Halling led sequencing work on Brucella abortus, which causes bovine brucellosis.
The two cases of bovine brucellosis were found in the animals, which were imported from Ireland.
DOZENS of cattle are being slaughtered after vets confirmed Britain's first case of bovine brucellosis since 1993.
Two cases of bovine brucellosis were yesterday confirmed on one farm - the first in Scotland for more than 30 years.
CATTLE disease bovine brucellosis has been found on a Scots farm.

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