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She always had worn it since, but it had not been upon her body when he found her slain in her boudoir, so that now his quest for vengeance included also a quest for the stolen trinket.
Her maid answered the telephone which was in the countess' boudoir.
My lady will be sitting in her boudoir, very much in negligee, about now.
Lord John's fingers of steel were in the collar of my coat, and a moment later I was stretched upon my back, unable to speak or move, on the boudoir carpet.
In the first place, it is right you should know that I had a motive for accompanying Miss Roseberry to the boudoir.
She went into the boudoir again, and Cynthia stared after her.
Leaving her husband and her stepdaughters to entertain Sir Joseph and Miss Lavinia, Lady Winwood took Natalie into her own boudoir, which communicated by a curtained opening with the drawing-room.
This consisted of a bed-room, an ante-room, a small bath-room, a boudoir, and a drawing-room.
He walked across her boudoir to the bedroom door, and turned back again.
The Superintendent decided to begin by examining the boudoir, and, that done, to examine the servants next.
I have a nice little boudoir and bedroom, at the end of a long passage on the first floor.
Love had developed this spoiled darling of foolish congregations, this effeminate pet of drawing-rooms and boudoirs, into the likeness of a Man--and no woman, in Emily's position, could have failed to see that it was love which she herself had inspired.