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Did you ever think that the same skills that work for employees will work for your boss also?
In an age when women are told to "lean in" to get positions of power at work, even women are more likely to prefer a male boss to a female boss.
A boss instills fear; a leader inspires enthusiasm.
Under such circumstances, the importance of a boss is magnified, with the potential for bad bosses to make things substantially worse and for good bosses to save the day.
How can you work with an incompetent boss and keep your sanity?
A good boss always communicates effectively, explaining the tasks and assignments clearly to his/her team, including expectations, deadline, and anything else that would help employees in completing the task.
Case histories throughout document different boss personality types, their likely methods of manipulation, and provide guidelines for adjusting employee responses and behaviors to gain better results from every interaction.
Turning one or more of the following Killer B's (boss bashing, boss blaming, boss bickering, and boss baiting) loose on your boss might seem like fun and, ultimately, a fair thing to do in light of what the boss has forced you to suffer.
the boss kicks up her heels her feet hard as a horse's feet she
2) Boss asked employee to be a surrogate mother for her - more than once
Implementing the latest-generation store concept integrating rich walnut backdrops, stainless steel and lacquered magnolia shelving, the new store boasts of signature materials representing the sophisticated, contemporary and luxurious HUGO BOSS look.
But the engaging and practical Good Boss, Bad Boss aims to save all these bad bosses from themselves and make the good bosses even better by outlining all the defining features that make a boss great.