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Born-again Christians are much more likely to think the Old and New Testament are all or mostly the word of God (88% and 86% respectively) than are Catholics (55% and 54%).
He says: "I've been running bikes since I was 17 or 18, but I did have a break of about seven years so I could be classed as a born-again biker.
The born-again Christian told officers she had to be in church later to sing.
There is nothing worse than a born-again Christian harping away about the way we should lead our lives.
By 63 percent to 21 percent (strongly religious voters, 57 percent to 26 percent; born-again Christians, 52 percent to 34 percent), American voters prefer having government help families through improving public education, increasing the availability of quality child care, providing responsible sex education to young people, making college education more affordable, enforcing child support laws, and expanding job opportunities" - as opposed to Robertson's approach of "promoting traditional moral values, providing greater opportunities for religious expression, reducing the federal tax burden on families, and eliminating laws that interfere with the rights of parents.
Although intolerant and ignorant, such a statement was part of an attempt by born-again Christians to maintain a sense of security and a feeling that life was under control.
The film is a first-ever look into an intense training ground that recruits born-again Christian children to become an active part of America's political future.
They define "evangelicals" as "people who meet the born-again criteria plus seven other conditions.
Going in, you had to be prepared to do what she did in her photographs, whether she was tied up or nude or whatever,'' Mol says of Page, who, though still alive, remains something of a recluse since becoming a born-again Christian and, reportedly, spending some time institutionalized.
A born-again Christian whose physical appearance suggested a violent past, K was a veteran of the Rhodesian Light Infantry.
In a brilliant stroke, he adds a third party, Mona's born-again ex-con brother, Phil (Paddy Considine).
LIVERPOOL'S born-again singer Sonia Evans has put the dispute with Dollar behind her and is heading for Memphis.