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Raquel and Ron Oldenburg with their baby Dmitry Petrus who was born yesterday at City Hospital in Dubai.
Knowles, believing the rest of us to have been born yesterday, retorted by saying people had "either misunderstood or misconstrued for political reasons, or otherwise, something I have said in all innocence.
Do you think I was born yesterday," followed by double helpings of "You lot treat this place like a hotel," and "What did your last servant die of?
Baby Cassius was born yesterday evening and weighed 7lb.
The baby was born yesterday morning, weighing 5lbs-10oz.
Iraq: us soldiers sealed off the village where Saddam Hussein was born yesterday and ordered adults to register for identity cards that will allow them to move in and out of the community.
HAPPY COUPLE Chancellor Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah, whose daughter was born yesterday, seven weeks premature.
Midwives across the region were kept busy as more than 60 babies were born yesterday.
The Canadian beauty is the proud new mum of son Augustin James Evangelista, who was born yesterday in New York.
MICHAEL Owen was back in the town where he was born yesterday morning showing off his new book.
The hospital where she died was replaced by the Royal Infirmary in the south of the city, where her brother was born yesterday.
The youngster, who was seven days overdue, was born yesterday morning a little over an hour after Phillips, 41, realised she was going into labour.