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Au terme de cette etude comparee, nous pouvons dire que la societe bordelaise se positionne dans << la cacophonie qui nuit a la serenite des debats, autant qu'a la concorde publique >>22 autour de la question de la Traite negriere et de l'esclavage.
Recently the Bordelaise varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc have been widely planted.
The challenge was all in the main course - stuffed pork loin with pine nuts, spinach and a dark and sexy Bordelaise sauce.
It can be perplexing to try and understand how a chef who knows full well the difference between sauce bechamel, sauce soubise, and sauce bordelaise can be satisfied making a frozen beef-and-broccoli dish that's sold in a foil bag.
Proof that a gorgeous face doesn't necessarily tie a man to your bed-post, and no matter how enticing the smell of Bordelaise sauce on a sirloin, the friedonion whiff of a back-street burger will always be an aphrodisiac.
50 on Ray's signature offerings, like the The Burger of Seville, which has foie gras , the red wine- based bordelaise sauce and white truffle oil.
A Bordelaise by birth, he studied Hotel Management in Switzerland and trained at ChEoteau Saint-Martin, Relais et ChEoteau Hotel on the CE[sup.
La Brasserie Bordelaise is a lively restaurant in the heart of the old town.
I ask Sonia if she thinks Brummies and the Bordelaise have different tastes in wine.
Or Jacques Victor Arraud est un sulpicien originaire de la region bordelaise mais ordonne et installe a Montreal.
Ce resultat peut etre justifie par le fait que la progression de l'urbanisation bordelaise se fasse en suivant ces memes trajectoires, et jusqu'a un certain seuil.