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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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The real genius in BookMaker is its tiny file size which means it downloads in less than 5 seconds," said Navarre.
On fourfolds the bookmaker would expect to pay out 81 per cent of all the money they had taken in.
Precedent, such as the name change at Cork (formerly Mallow) and the relocation of the Limerick track, was clearly on the side of the bookmakers from the outset.
By building a site targeted at customers in Europe and the Southern Hemisphere, Centrebet will be benefiting from our proven experience in deploying solutions specifically for high volume, established bookmakers.
Orbis pioneering OpenBet(TM) software platform, deployed by the world's leading bookmakers, is a complete gambling solution, with customers able to bet on all channels and all products from a single account, controlled via a single back-office.
However, managing director Tony Kelly said: "We issued our licences in good time and since then we have written to bookmakers who have yet to return licences on several occasions, posted numerous messages on the AGT [Administration of Gambling on Tracks Limited] message board, made personal phone calls and approached bookmakers on course, while keeping the Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers, which has also assisted in chasing down the remaining few licences, updated at all times.
This announcement makes Ladbrokes the first and only bookmaker able to offer a betting service across all UK digital TV platforms.
The pending purchase of BookMaker -- ForeFront's second acquisition since it became a public company in December 1995 -- strengthens ForeFront's popular line of Internet tools, which currently includes WebWhacker(TM), WebSeeker(TM), GrabNet(TM) and RoundTable(TM) by enabling users to find, gather, share and now print customized booklets from the World Wide Web.
According to BookMaker President Martin Mazner, "Anyone who has traveled the information superhighway knows that it abounds with truckloads of valuable and interesting information, but just what are we supposed to do with all that neat stuff?
ARENA LEISURE has become the second major racecourse group to secure long-term agreement with on-track layers after negotiating a deal with the Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers.
All bookmakers should be invited to sign up to a punters' charter whereby every client is permitted to place a bet of at least pounds 50, or to win pounds 500, whichever has the smaller liability, on any given market.
I AM an on-course bookmaker, a director of the Northern Bookmakers' Protection Association and a founding member of the 'gold flag' scheme, although I do not bet at Sedgefield.