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Jan A., 20th-century Swedish geneticist. See: Böök syndrome.
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It was to him that Simeon turned for training, and eventually went on to become a licentiate member of Designer Bookbinders.
Miller's "Virtual Bookbinding" web site compares enlarged impressions of the finishing tools of 13 seventeenthand eighteenth-century French bookbinders.
Regardless of the high tech century, modern bookbinders use the same utensils as their ancient predecessors did--bodkins, awls, scissors, clumsy hand-made pressers and even golden threads.
Pamela Bookbinder thought that after graduating from Washington University (MO) she would enter law school.
Michael Faraday began his adult life as an impoverished bookbinder, but with innate curiosity.
A scattering of black-and-white illustrations and photographs and text printed on high-quality paper enhance this in-depth study connecting minute aspects of bookbinding history, including tool design, manufacture and supply, the relationship of the bookbinder to the rest of the book trade and much more.
We're probably the most diversified bookbinder, too," Sproles noted; regular projects include university textbooks, medical journals, periodicals, courthouse records, and genealogy books.
For Toronto bookbinder Ian Phillips, however, the name he adopted for his small press has yielded good fortune--not to mention a number of beautifully crafted works of fiction and poetry.
Bookbinder Marion Vitus demonstrates the beauties of the French monastery stitch by showing how to create a journal and other bookbinding skills.
This is ridiculous for December,' said Evan Bookbinder, a meteorologist with the US National Weather Service,
Executive producer Alan Bookbinder said: "It is pretty frank stuff, but it has been shot in a textbook, non-erotic way, rather than like a dirty magazine.
The Dimensions products are covered in brightly colored bookbinder paper and fea- ture rivets and clasps that reinforce the cardboard and make for easier open- ing and closing.