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Herbal medicine
(1) Comfrey, see there; Symphytum officinal.
(2) Eupatorium perfoliatum, agueweed, crosswort, feverwort, Indian sage, thoroughwort. A perennial herb which contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, flavonoids (e.g., eupatorin, quer-cetin, rutin), terpenoids, volatile oil (tremerol and resin; it is antipyretic and diaphoretic, and has been used for arthritis, colds, diarrhoea, malaria, respiratory congestion, rheumatic complaints, snakebites, as a digestive tonic and was regarded by some herbalists as a cure-all. Boneset owes its name to its efficacy in treating breakbone fever.
Diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting; fresh boneset contains the toxin tremerol, which causes vomiting, shortness of breath and, if in excess, coma and death; boneset is hepatotoxic due to pyrrolizidine alkaloids.


Herbal made from leaves of Eupatorium perfoliatum; long history of use; purported value as antiinflammatory and antipyretic; used in treatment of URI; employed in Native American medicine as an antimalarial in the 17th century.
Synonym(s): agueweed, crosswort, feverwort, vegetable antimony.


n Latin name:
Eupatorium perfoliatum; parts used: entire plant, dried leaves, buds; uses: expectorant, sedative, fever, flu, bronchitis; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, pa-tients with liver disease; can cause nausea, anorexia, hepatotoxicity, and diarrhea. Also called
agueweed, crosswort, eupatorium, feverwort, Indian sage, Joe-pye-weed, sweating plant, thoroughwort, or
vegetable antimony.
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Thoring, whom I mentioned earlier, has come up with a promising herbal tincture, called BLT from Clinical Response Formulas, which contains red root, teasel, boneset, black walnut, lomatium, smilax, and stillengia.
Enjoy the sight of crops of Queen Anne's Lace, yarrow, seven different species of goldenrod, fall asters, Boneset, Joe Pye Weed, Oxeye Daisies and Black Eyed Susan.
7: The blooming of red stonecrop, white snakeroot, and boneset, the
In the spring, a time for weeding and thinning the cotton, Queen Anne's lace, blackberry, dock, sassafras, cleavers, summer boneset, honeysuckle, poke salet, plantain and ground ivy were my Mends.
To help with the healing, and to try to prevent arthritis developing in this joint in the future, start drinking Boneset Herbal Compound.
The Dogtown site was dominated by sheepweed (Croton texensis), the Friendship site by ragweed (Ambrosia psilostachya) and the Liberty Grove site by late flowering boneset.
1: Within a week, the second-last wave of late summer wildflowers-clearweed, virgin's bower, white boneset, field thistle and Japanese knotweed--come into bloom.
Oakham botanist Caren Caljouw advises considering many native New England plants that aren't usually in these mixes, such as orange milkweed, New York ironweed, boneset, cardinal flower and wingstem.
Boneset is native and common in the Southeast along waterways and in open fields.
Take 25g of Comfrey root, 25 grams of Arnica and 25 grams of Boneset herb.
Tall Eupatorium, Tall Boneset, Tall Thoroughwort; Sedge meadow; Rare, one large flowering colony; C = 1; BSUH 14693.
White snakeroot, ironweed, boneset, wingstem, tall coneflowers and gray-headed coneflowers are budding.