bone marrow harvest

bone mar·row har·vest

(bōn mar'ō hahr'vĕst)
First step in bone marrow transplantation; blood-producing stem cells are collected that will be used later for transplant. These stem cells can be harvested from either blood or bone marrow.
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Staining for CD9 was obtained in less than 2% and for CD44 in approximately 70 % of the isolated cells regardless of the anticoagulant used for bone marrow harvest.
Sophia donated again via bone marrow harvest and Angelo had his transplant in 2008.
Sarah donated by bone marrow harvest, a procedure under general anaesthetic, where the stem cells are taken directly from the pelvis.
There are two methods - bone marrow harvest and peripheral blood stem cell collection (PBSC).
Second, the bone marrow harvest technique being used can provide billions of cells for the treatment http://bit.
Performing bone marrow biopsy, bone marrow harvest, intrathecal chemotherapy etc.
I've been through a long road with radiation, lots of chemo, major spinal and shoulder surgeries and a stem cell and bone marrow harvest in Feb.
The bone marrow harvest was centrifuged and total leukocyte [(mean +-SD) x 10[3]/u L - 23.
If a donor is found, stem cells can be harvested through a dialysis-type procedure, similar to giving blood, rather than through the better known bone marrow harvest through the hip bone that could frighten away some potential donors.
The first is a bone marrow harvest, in which doctors remove bone marrow from the pelvic bone, on the lower back.
If the process is successful, a donor is scheduled for a collection procedure or bone marrow harvest at the collection center.

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