bone island

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bone is·land

a macroscopic focus of cortical bone within medullary bone, commonly seen as a dense round or oval opacity on radiographs of the pelvis, femoral head, humerus, or ribs.
A benign focus of compact bone within cancellous bone, almost invariably an incidental finding, which can mimic an osteoblastic metastasis—e.g., from prostate cancer
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Osteosarcomas, as opposed to bone island, show aggressive growth, with cortical destruction, interrupted periosteal reaction, a soft tissue mass, and permeative growth within the bone marrow.
The fort has its own pub, the Ole Zach Tavern, where Rusty Nell Riley and the Bone Island Buccaneers entertained under candlelight with bawdy shanties.
a), the empty spaces between the granules were almost occupied by de novo bone and small bone islands were observed on the granule particles.