bone augmentation

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bone aug·men·ta·tion

(bōn awg-men-tā'shŭn)
Increase in osseus dimensions by addition of material or tissue.
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Cortoss(TM) Bone Augmentation Material, an injectable, polymer composite that mimics the mechanical properties of weight-bearing human cortical bone, provides the basis for our fixation portfolio.
According to the company's market research, at least one in four implant procedures requires bone augmentation either prior to, or concurrent with, implant placement.
There is updated material on color and appearance, surface phenomena and adhesion to tooth structure, polymeric restorative materials, dental amalgams, dental porcelains, orthodontic wire, and implant and bone augmentation materials.
Mrs Verdon was referred by Slabbert to The Tatum Institute in Northampton for private treatment where he, along with two other dentists, performed several "experimental" treatments, including a six-hour bone augmentation operation.
Bone reformation; contemporary bone augmentation procedures in oral and maxillofacial implant surgery.
BioLok intends to market BoneGen-TR, its new clinically safe, nano-composite, time release calcium sulfate product for bone augmentation, to dental industry professionals.
The Directional Bone Tamp, a channel creation device that allows safe and targeted placement of Cortoss[TM] Bone Augmentation Material into the vertebral body, expands the procedural options for Cortoss in the vertebral compression fracture (VCF) market.
Following an introduction, they present chapters on the development and application of new systems, including composites for dental restoratives, enamel and dentin adhesion, maxillofacial bone augmentation and replacement, application of polymers for dental therapies, and polymeric biomaterials for articulating joint repair and total joint replacement.