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For more information regarding QuikCal Calcium Boluses or to find the nearest authorized Centaur distributor location, please contact Centaur Animal Health at 800-236-6180 or via email - sales@centauranimalhealth.
The total numbers of chews were in the order of TMR2>TMR1>control, which were proportionate to the numbers of boluses (p<0.
The number of boluses per minute was in the order of TMR2 (1.
The four additional boluses (boluses 6-9) contained 378 individuals distributed among five orders of insects and three spiders; family level identifications were not attempted.
One group was dosed orally with two soluble glass sintered boluses (100 g for a bolus) containing 13.
The poster, entitled "Multilamellar Freeze-Dried Liposomes Demonstrate Safety with Sustained Doses of PGE-1--Well-tolerated up to 120 micrograms/hr," describes the Phase I clinical trial in which five healthy volunteers were given intravenous boluses of Liprostin(TM) at 20 micrograms to 120 micrograms without hemodynamic compromise.
Now he has begun giving iodine boluses to his 23-head suckler herd - and has seen instant results.
Programming the pump to adjust basal insulin delivery rates and boluses throughout the day allows for more precise glycemic control, achievement of target HbA1c levels, and prevention of long-term complications," Sand said.