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The leaves of Boldu boldus or Peumus boldus (family Monimiaceae), an evergreen shrub of Chile; used in various disturbances of liver function.
Synonym(s): boldo


n Latin names:
Boldea boldus, Peumus boldus; part used: leaves; uses: sedative, liver medicine, laxative, flatulence, dysmenorrhea, gout, spastic digestive tract; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, patients with lung or neurologic disease, bile duct blockage, liver ailments, and gallstones; can cause paralysis, coma, seizures, death, and the crippling of the respiratory system. Also called
boldea, boldoa, boldine, boldo-do-Chile, or
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South American ingredients are slowly creeping up on these household names, however, ingredients such as boldo, used to aid digestion, and dragon's blood, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, are gaining traction in the North American market.
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Due to the difficulty in finding morphophenologic markers to discriminate boldo species, the aim of the present study was to evaluate the interspecific genetic diversity of four species of the Plectranthus genus (P.
Other natural ingredients in Slim Aid like dandelion root and boldo provide support for vital organs in the digestive process such as the liver.
Herbs such as kelp can boost the metabolism through helping the thyroid and boldo improves the liver function.
This range of herbal infusions is made from the finest herbs and includes favourites, such as Camomile, Lemon and Peppermint, as well as lesser known herbs such as Boldo, Linden and Penny Royal.
Boldo and peppermint act as smooth muscle relaxants, helping to relieve the systems of flatulence and colic.
The main active substances were butternut, dandelion root, dry extract boldo and dry extract fucus.
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95 for 15ml, health food stores) This traditional herbal blend of extract of cynara (artichoke), dandelion, peppermint and boldo will gently work to relieve any feelings of indigestion and gas.