A bitter alkaloid obtained from boldus.

boldine (bōl·dīnˑ),

n alkaloid obtained from the plant
Peumus boldus Molina and used as a diuretic.
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Effect of boldine, secoboldine, and boldine methine on angiotensin II-induced neutrophil recruitment in vivo.
We previously obtained a series of isoquinoline alkaloids from the alkaloid fraction, including linderaline, pallidine, protosinomenine, laudanosoline 3', 4'-dimethyl ether, boldine, norisoboldine, laurolitsine, pronuciferine and reticulline, of which norisoboldine (NOR, Fig.
Centella extract showed a peak with the same wavelength and retention time of the asiaticoside standard, while the retention time of boldine was 2.
Protective effect of boldine on oxidative mitochondrial damage in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
Derivatives of the aporphine molecule comprise pharmacologically active compounds such as apomorphine, an agonist of dopamine receptors, and alkaloids with antidopaminergic actions such as the bulbocapnine, boldine and glaucine (Zetler, 1988).
Most studies on boldo leaf constituents focus on alkaloids and particularly on boldine, the main aporphine alkaloid present in the tree bark (Simirgiotis and Schmeda-Hirschmann, 2010).
It's time that Bou-lianne, who's spent most of her Met career in trousers, got the chance to wear a lead-inglady's skirts: far more than Fleming or Magee, she gave the audience something real to enjoy Otto Schenk's staging, in Gunther Schneider-Siemssen's magically atmospheric sets, remains, like Zeffirelli's La boldine, a cherish able memento of a vanishing era of operatic production.
INCI name: caprylic/capric triglyceride (and) diacetyl boldine
N-Methyl-bulbocapnine N-oxide (24), N-methyl-actinodaphnine Noxide (87), oxoglaucine, boldine, and actinodaphnine showed vasorelaxing action in rat thoracic aorta (Chen et al.