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Bodybuilder Rob Woolley has been crowned Mr Huddersfield
BODYBUILDERS showed off their physiques at a competition in Cardiff.
A further search was conducted with the term 'professional female bodybuilder interview'.
It takes special skill and additional experience to perform breast augmentations for female bodybuilders.
There was one problem though: the attire of bodybuilders exposed much parents would allow.
You could see some fantastic bodybuilders in great shape.
Some of them might want to be a boxer, a footballer, a bodybuilder but it's getting through to them that they can also be academic, they can go to university and it's not geeky.
Securing second position out of 300 bodybuilders from all over the world is something extraordinary.
Kurdish bodybuilder, Sardar Ismael participated at the 2012 Men's World Amateur Bodybuilding Championship which was organized by The World Amateur Body Building Association (WABBA).
Last night's final featured all seven bodybuilders who had won first place in their respective weight classes on Friday night.
The 34-year-old bodybuilder said that if everyone blocks every single bully, or nasty person online, there will be no one left to bully and everyone will be happy and people can be nice to each other and chat.
BODYBUILDER Naveed Muzaffar shows off the impressive guns he hopes will earn him a national title.