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Relative sensitivity of maximal expiratory flow-volume curves using spirometer versus body plethysmograph to detect mild airway obstruction.
Body plethysmographs can register gas compression volume during the flow-volume manoeuvre with no extra effort by the user, and the investigation of the possible changes in gas compression after administration of a bronchodilator may be valuable in assessing the effect of bronchodilators.
The next step in understanding how the body plethysmograph works is to further develop Boyle's equation.
Body plethysmograph measurements for VTG or FRC are always slightly higher than normal becasue esophageal volume is included in the measurement.
The outdoor temperature was measured during the day of investigation at the place of the mobile body plethysmograph and included in the analysis as daily mean temperature.
In addition, we globally introduced our new Platinum Elite body plethysmograph pulmonary function diagnostic system.
At the ATS Conference the company will introduce its new Platinum Elite Body plethysmograph product developed from the award-winning Elite Series design.