cardinal planes of the body

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cardinal planes of the body

frontal (coronal), sagittal (median) and horizontal (transverse) planes of the body, each of which is oriented on the three planes of space
  • coronal/frontal plane plane equally dividing anterior and posterior aspects; it lies at right angles to sagittal and horizontal planes

  • horizontal/transverse plane plane parallel to the ground or horizontal surface; equally dividing superior and inferior areas; it lies at right angles to both sagittal and frontal planes

  • sagittal/median plane plane equally dividing left and right sides; it lies at right angles to both transverse and frontal planes

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New low-cost carriers and demand for short-haul flying have stimulated a significant boost in narrow body planes.
Specifically, does the recently discovered asymmetric architecture of the ctenophore statocyst, with respect to the sagittal and tentacular body planes (Tamm, 2014c), influence its functional responses during geotaxis?
Mirenge added that to facilitate its long haul plans, RwandAir is expected to acquire wide body planes with a seating capacity of up to 200 people in the later part of 2016 financial year.
Ethiopian has also ordered 12 Airbus A35o wide body planes, plus six 777 freight carriers and 10 737-80os from Boeing for delivery later this decade.
A spokesman for the firm, which employs 39,000 people and manufactures in 20 different countries, said the company will double the number of Trent engines it produces to power the next generation of wide body planes.
Chapter 2 covers terms that describe body planes, directions, cavities and regions as well as ways to view the body internally.
It noted that PAL was also looking to acquire another four to six wide body planes, likely Airbus' next generation A350s.
The growth in the market is "outside" the country inasmuch as airlines can only expect limited internal growth with the existing domestic airport infrastructure, few of which can accommodate wide body planes.
Telair is the recognized world leader in comprehensive aircraft cargo systems for wide and narrow body planes.
The flight reached Nigeria without the travelers' luggage, a forthnight ago, as it used small body planes when the main aircraft it uses for the route was delayed by a curfew in one African country.
TAM also operates 10 of the two-engine Airbus A330-200 wide body planes and has another six on firm order.
At present, Cebu Pacific is the largest network operator in the Philippines and serves 60 local as well as 34 global destinations using a fleet of 51 aircraft, comprising four Airbus A330 wide body planes.