body density

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bod·y den·si·ty

(bod'ē den'si-tē)
The quotient of mass divided by volume, used in the calculation of body composition.

body density,

n a noninvasive, quantitative technique for determining an individual's body fat composition by calculating the specific gravity of the subject. This involves comparing the weight of the body inside and outside of water.
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In the first step, body density was calculated using one of three formulae given below.
The body composition was assessed in each examinee using the technique of skinfolds, where the values of body density (g/[cm.
Body density was estimated using the equations proposed by Jackson and Pollock (1978) and Jackson et al.
Body density was estimated from the Jackson and Pollock equation (14).
Anthropometric equations are required to convert body density to fat percentage.
Body density was estimated from the subcutaneous fat thickness using an ultrasound-derived prediction equation [8].
Body density or fat free mass was measured by hydrostatic weighing in a therapeutic pool.
Body density decreased markedly at ecdysis, but was also influenced by ration and temperature particularly in nonmolters; the effect of ration on body density in nonmolters was highly significant.