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The idea that a child old enough to ride a bicycle around the neighborhood may see a body bag removed - or that Alzheimer's patients are threatening or scary-looking - are absurd.
LANCASTER - Teenagers saw the effects of drinking and driving pounded home Thursday as they watched a mock crash that ended with friends being carried off in ambulances or body bags.
In an airline seat, not a body bag, Fucci traveled to Nepal and more practice on Mount Everest.
The murderous con man is zipped up in a body bag after being fished from the canal after his bid to wipe out his family.
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We would love people to join in - we can provide a body bag for anyone wishing to take part.
An 81-year-old woman who appeared lifeless was found alive after being taken to the coroner's office in a body bag.
ARMY chiefs yesterday rubbished claims by an MSP that one in nine soldiers will return from Afghanistan seriously injured or in a body bag.
Even though it's over 30 years past, I can still hear the screams of a neighborhood mother when she was notified her boy was coming home in a body bag.
Walter Williams, from Mississippi, was zipped up in a body bag when shocked workers found him kicking to get out.
In an article on the newspaper's leader page, David Samuriwo wrote: "It will be a pity for her family to welcome her home at Heathrow airport in a body bag just like some of her colleagues from Iraq and Afghanistan.