body awareness

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body awareness

internal sense of body structures and their relationships to each other.

alternative medicine

a heterogeneous set of practices 'that are offered as an alternative to conventional medicine, for the preservation of health and the diagnosis and treatment of health-related problems; its practitioners are often called healers'; alternative health care practices constitute a vast array of treatments and ideologies, which may be well-known, exotic, mysterious, or even dangerous, and are based on no common or consistent philosophy; the practitioners range from being sincere, well-educated, and committed to their form of healing, to charlatans, deprecatingly known as 'quacks'. See Fringe medicine, Holistic medicine, Integrative medicine, Office of Alternative Medicine. Cf Unproven methods for cancer management.
Alternaive therapies, types of
Alternative (formal) systems
Acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, osteopathy
Body awareness
Exercise and movement therapies, eg dance therapy, martial arts, yoga
Manipulative therapies
Chiropractic, Hellerwork, Rolfing®
Mental therapies
Humanistic psychology, hypnosis
Natural remedies
Diet, eg macrobiotics, naturopathy
Sensory therapies
Art, color, and music therapy

body awareness,

n the felt sense of embodiment; consciousness of our somatic feelings.
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He desperately needed increased body awareness and the ability to self correct his posture and mechanics, specifically related to his knee mechanics.
I started track first,'' Savage said, ``and it helps a lot with footwork and body awareness.
The internal focus also starts developing body awareness.
Studies suggest that massage can decrease headache frequency and increase body awareness.
Pilates also improves posture and balance, develops better body awareness, speeds recovery from injury and releases stress," says Lucy.
It can decrease anxiety and discomfort and increase body awareness.
The hypothesis was that yoga would improve general attentional abilities and alertness, perhaps directly through the practice's emphasis on body awareness and focused attention on breathing, as well as indirectly through salutary effects on mood and stress, the neurologist explained.
the first guideline: Make body awareness a daily practice.
Stretching is the simplest of physical activities, and when done properly it can enhance physical fitness, improve ability to learn and perform skilled movements, increase mental and physical relaxation, develop body awareness, reduce muscular soreness and tension, and increase suppleness.
They found no associations between the personality variables and delay, although lower body awareness did correlate with longer delay.
The coaching focus for the dynamic movements is on teaching athletes to demonstrate control and body awareness during acceleration and deceleration while moving in a variety of directions.
Gestalt Therapy and Heart-Centered Therapies reviews the basic Gestalt techniques utilized in our work, such as presentness, concrete attention to detail, somatic and body awareness, exaggeration, loosening techniques and integrating techniques.