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The Bobtail section of the frame/ mainspring housing is not given the Chainlink III treatment.
Bobtail was another pet she found on the loose, and when she took her in, she thought she was a he
3 -- color) Drivers get out of their cars, above, on southbound Interstate 5 as the freeway is shut down after a bobtail truck rear-ended a big rig and caught fire, below.
As a part of its bobtail agreement, ORYXE said Sun Coast will supply the city approximately 200,000 gallons over the course of one year utilizing its existing fleet of bobtail fuel trucks.
In earlier studies, scientists led by Margaret McFall-Ngai at the same University of Hawaii lab showed that bobtail squid generate light using a bioluminescent organ on their undersides (SN: 9/14/96, p.
Vibrio fischeri is a symbiotic bacterium associated with the Hawaiian bobtail squid, Euprymna scolopes.
STOCKPORT boss Andy Kilner paid tribute to his rag-tag and bobtail team after this bore draw.
The floppy ears, tight corsets, high heels and the bobtail will return as Hotel giants Hilton build a new London Playboy Casino Club.
His inquiries take him into the neighboring town, Bobtail, 15 miles away; some jurisdictional questions arise, the answers wholly unexpected.
DeWitt Petroleum provides fleet card, bobtail, onsite, and lubrication products and services throughout Southern California.
It is stated that the actuators provide a reliable method to remotely operate internal valves in storage tanks, bobtail route trucks, and bulk transports.