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a foot covering; see horseshoeing.

shoe covers
protective coverings for shoes worn by surgical personnel working in a sterile environment in order to minimize contamination.

Patient discussion about shoe

Q. Why should people with diabetes wear shoes all the time? Earlier today I read an article about shoes and the different problems with different kinds of shoes. I can't find it anymore, which is why I didn't post the link. But in the article, it said that someone with diabetes or would likely eventually get diabetes should never go without shoes; whether inside or outside their house. Why would that be?

A. Many people with diabetes have decreased circulation, which means slower healing time. Adding to this, many also have neuropathy (nerve damage) in their feet. I have seen many diabetics that have decreased sensation in their feet and didn't even know it. If you can't feel it when you injure your foot, and it doesn't heal, it can lead to infection and amputation. Shoes protect feet from injury, that is why we recommend wearing them at all times. For this reason, it is also recommended that diabetics inspect their feet each day.
Good luck!

Q. The cobbler's shoes are never fixed A bit philosophical/ethical question: do you think it’s a appropriate to an alternative therapist to treat people with disease he or she has and can’t cure himself?

A. Even dietitian can suffer from depression and eat too much, or a gym coach that suffers from injury that prevents him or her from exercising. The knowledge and capabilities are not dependent on the specific situation of the therapist, not to mention the many explanations for such cases.

However, I do agree it may seem a bit suspicious…

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Since 1978 the open seas have been no match for Timberland; its Boat Shoes have passed the test for ruggedness, quality, durability, and authenticity - standards for everything that make Timberland the world famous brand it is today.
The Rockport HydroPlex men's boat shoe is currently available in two color ways - stone or navy/red/white - at select retailers nationwide or online at www.
For those folks who want a dedicated boat shoe or a more structured and cushioned shoe, Sperry also makes the ASV Athletic Boat Shoe, with enhanced structure and padding to reduce shock and vibration to the feet.
Sperry Top-Sider, a vendor of high-end boat shoes for men and women, is opening its first Manhattan shop in the Flatiron District this fall.
IDEAL with comfy boyfriend jeans, these grey canvas boat shoes, above, are great for a more casual look.
The rhino is usually found in warmer locales and can be spotted wearing either a flowered or pastel shirt (with 3 buttons opened to expose a mature mane of chest hair) tucked into khaki shorts and sporting boat shoes.
The Timberland Company (TBL), has begun offering a line of hand-sewn boat shoes exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue stores in New York, Boston and Chicago.
The sponsorship coincides with Shellback Rum activations nationwide featuring simulated boat races inspired by ORACLE TEAM USA, opportunities to design branded "Shellbacker" boat shoes and samplings of signature cocktails featuring Shellback Rum, the Official Rum Supplier of ORACLE TEAM USA.
Whether you want to dress to impress with a pair of brogues, enjoy the sunshine in some boat shoes or hit the gym with a new pair of trainers - you're bound to find something suitable.
99, boat shoes, pounds 45, all Marks & Spencer; blue tailored shirt, pounds 85, Gant @ John Lewis.
The Sports Deck offers traditional sporting pursuits such as lawn bowls and croquet, so it's important for holidaymakers to rise to the occasion with chinos, boat shoes and white dresses.
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