board qualified

board qua·li·fied

(bōrd kwahli-fīd)
A specialist who is qualified by completion of appropriate academic and clinical work to take a specialty board examination but who has not as yet successfully completed that examination.
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Addiction counsellors and all our Middle Eastern counsellors are accredited, board qualified professionals.
In addition, Dr Myers currently delivers lectures on infection prevention in the field of dentistry as well as a board qualified member in pediatric dentistry.
Closing is dependent upon, among other things, due diligence in addition to definitive agreements and completion of two years of Public Company Accounting Oversight Board qualified audits, all of which are likely to be commissioned shortly.
Jim, of Edinburgh, said: "I can't believe they had no one on board qualified to cope with what started out as a simple dental problem.
The HSE has brought on board qualified trainers from sector skills agency Lantra to deliver the demonstrations, which will also include tips on cheap, but effective, precautions that can be taken.
It is one of the few providers of training to become a Board Qualified Supervisor.
UEFA's control and disciplinary board qualified Butt's actions as an assault and this hardly augurs well for an appeal.
Procurator fiscal Frank Redman told the court the skipper and mate were the only two people on board qualified to stand watch.
If the remand decision contains the language "board-certified specialist in" or "a specialist who is board qualified," a specialist examination is required.
But over the last two years, with the helpful cooperation of several equipment suppliers to that market, we have brought on board qualified readers in what we believe to be at least 95% of Canadian plastics plants.