board diplomate

board dip·lo·mate

(bōrd diplŏ-māt)
A specialist in an area who has completed the academic and clinical requirements to practice as a specialist and has successfully completed the examination(s) required by the specialty.

board diplomate,

n a dental specialist who has achieved certification by the recognized certifying board in that specialty, as attested by a diploma from the board.
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The growth of our Portfolio Program and its diverse participant population are proof of its importance and value in engaging physicians in meaningful QI and Patient Safety initiatives, and of ABMS' commitment to offering relevant and meaningful MOC programming to Member Board diplomates.
She advised board diplomates to continue to visit the ABPN Web site at www.
I think this would be an important step f or the ABOto to not only be representative of its previous Board diplomates, but to provide positive leadership rather than a process that can inadvertently lead to division and difficulties for the general otolaryngologist.
For ABMS Member Board diplomates, the MOC Directory offers access to a comprehensive, centralized repository of approved MOC activities across medical specialties and subspecialties.

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