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The other, a mere blur of light upon the darkness, indicated the position of the anchored ship.
It is imperative that now at once, while these stupendous events are still clear in my mind, I should set them down with that exactness of detail which time may blur.
And further, these dream trees were not a mere blur on my vision.
Had he had the eyes of a man, nearly two yards higher than his own from the deck, and had they been the trained eyes of a man, sailor- man at that, Jerry could have seen the low blur of Ysabel to the north and the blur of Florida to the south, ever taking on definiteness of detail as the Arangi sagged close-hauled, with a good full, port-tacked to the south-east trade.
San Francisco lay like a blur of smoke upon her heights.
She clung to him, unable to release herself, and he sat, half supporting her in his arms, as he gazed with unseeing eyes at the blur of the great city across the bay.
On the left the low-lying land stretched in a dim haze, rising here and there into a darker blur which marked the higher capes and headlands.
Right ahead a dark blur upon the water showed where the Aurora lay, and the swirl of white foam behind her spoke of the pace at which she was going.
The dull blur in front of us resolved itself now clearly enough into the dainty Aurora.
Whirlwind as he would, be could not damage Rivera, while Rivera through the blur and whirl, dropped him to the mat three times in succession.
The jungle was so far away that he could see only a dim, green blur below him, but just above and quite close was the sun.
The trees and houses still moved past him in the same indistinguishable blur.