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In response to the blurring caused by farsightedness, the eyes grew until images passing through them landed exactly on the retina.
The market is also experiencing "channel blurring," which makes it possible to purchase seasonal chocolate (and indeed chocolate for any occasion) through myriad channels from the highest quality chocolatier to the dollar store.
Prior research has found that comparable blurring of picture blocks boosts their recognizability as parts of a single object.
A recent study by Eastbridge Consulting Group on worksite product trends confirms this continued blurring between the lines.
Traditionally, astronomers have eliminated some of this blurring in visible-light images by using speckle interferometry, which creates an image composed of many short exposures.
The blurring usually attributed to turbulence in the atmosphere is more often the result of telescope oscillations, tracking errors and flawed mirrors, McKechnie contends.
At the same time, the distinctions between some generics companies and traditional, R&D-led pharmaceutical companies are blurring as generics companies move up-stream and invest in R&D while pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, Sanofi and Merck retain successful generic subsidiaries.
On the old imagery, we are working with the new Version 2 matte design tool, XBLUR, geometrics and color correction to lift foreground elements off of their backgrounds and give them a sense of depth through slight differential scaling of the layers, blurring and darkening of the background, and brightening of the foreground.
PMD is the blurring of an optical signal in high-speed networks caused by fiber imperfections or other stresses on optical fiber.
Besides adjusting the size and color palette, over 20 filters may be used to apply such effects as embossing, softening, sharpening, and blurring.
Insight: blurring digital-physical lines poses technology challenges for insurers.
We have been deceived into accepting what is currently the Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006 (hereinafter "TDRA"), and its multifactor test to measure trademark dilution by blurring, as the equitable and sensible anti-dilution law to police dilution of trademarks by blurring in the United States.