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Blue Book

A book containing regulatory compliance data, produced by the FDA until its discontinuation in October 2002.

Graduate education-UK
A book which provided information about posts to train as a surgeon.

A book (now a downloadable pdf file) produced by the British Orthopaedic Association, titled Primary Total Hip Replacement: A Guide to Good Practice.

A series of authoritative, concise illustrated reference books produced by the World Health Organisation which cover neoplasms of all major organ systems.
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With one exception, periodicals published by the military follow the citation conventions found in Bluebook Rule 16.
The manual is approximately one one-hundredth the length of The Bluebook.
Sage BlueBook Pro users will also be able to run future value forecasts, and will have access to secondary market indexes for major categories of computing hardware.
19) Citations to all other federal cases are the same as The Bluebook, that is, Holland v.
Like the Bluebook, it breaks down the rules of citation and style into sequentially numbered rules, but the ALWD Manual is less complicated.
Citations to other federal cases are the same as the Bluebook.
The best have been Bluebook, whose three Group 3 wins featured the 1988 Fred Darling Stakes, and Myself, who won the 1995 Nell Gwyn Stakes.
Why did the Bluebook editors--the editors of the law reviews at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania--jump the gun?
The acquisition brings Hugo Neu customers proprietary tools such as the Sage Bluebook and the Sage Central customer portal as well as an extended range of IT lifecycle solutions designed to guarantee data security, reduce costs and recover value from used electronics.
declared that it has partnered with Healthcare Bluebook, the industry leader in healthcare price transparency solutions.
When I've taught the Bluebook to first-year law students, I've jokingly thrown up my hands and told them there are only two things wrong with the book: the rules and the way they're presented.
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