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adj in Chinese medicine, a facial coloration, typically found in infants; indicates indigestion and stomach upset.
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Blue-gray discoloration of the skin is an uncommon side effect caused by the ultraviolet accumulation of lipofuscin in dermal macrophages.
The blue-gray gnatcatcher is common in eastern Nebraska (Zimmer, 1917) but is a rare transient in spring in western Nebraska (Brown and Brown, 2001).
Richard Bartlett of Bartlett, Hartley and Mulkey Architects PA described the tile as "Jura Stone Light Beige (light tan) and Jura Stone Blue-gray," both of which originated in Germany.
In chemical terms, the blue-gray patches represent "reduced" areas -- regions populated with iodide molecules that have gained an electron; the clear or yellow areas signal the "oxidized" patches that donated those electrons.
Exuded metal beads are sometimes found in the voids which have a blue-gray lining.
backed down on this interpretation after amateur paleontologist Glen Kuban of North Royalton, Ohio, noticed that blue-gray toeprints have emerged next to the oblong depressions in the otherwise tan rocks.
Reminiscent of the hand-crafted Venetian glass from which it drew its name, the tower will be almost entirely clad in a blue-gray tinted glass.
If you wish, just let the carnation wander through your garden bed, its attractive blue-green stems and leaves a pleasant complement to the multicolored foliage of sun coleus, for example, and also to the blue-gray stems and leaves of stock, which is another bedding plant for this time of year.
You notice, of course, the penis, cradled in the snug material but also pushing against it, the full promise of its phallic burgeoning into form thwarted as well as belied by the blue-gray expanse of fabric melting into a similarly gray background.
There are highly atmospheric views across boundless distances, as in untitled (fog, mountain), 1999, in which a watery blue-gray mist envelops everything almost to the point of illegibility.
The Blue-Gray All Star Football Classic scheduled for Christmas 2002 has been canceled due to the lack of a title sponsor.