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It was the month of June; the grass was all white with daisies, and the trees with blossom; but, to judge by our blue nails and aching wrists, the time might have been winter and the whiteness a December frost.
I'll still wear my lucky blue nails - and hopefully Tigger will be out there in Athens cheering me on.
BRIGHT BLUE NAILS Give your nails a boost with Model's Own Diamond Luxe in Ascher Blue, PS4.
Perry, who is also a dedicated Obama fan and has worked tirelessly to drum up support for him, posed in the booth with her red, white and blue nails, and Democrat blue suit.
She's taken an asymmetric monochrome dress and made it her own by teaming it with mismatched jewellery - a silver charm bracelet and gold necklace - plus bright blue nails and a simple slick of coral lipstick.