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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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In 2011 record numbers of juvenile Manx shearwaters were rescued by inspectors from the surf in Newgale and from gardens in Pembrokeshire after they were blown off course by strong winds.
Seconds before the shots were fired, my mum had looked out of the front window - she could have had her head blown off
A prosecution barrister said: "He was threatened that if he gave wrong information his legs would be blown off with a shotgun.
A Little Bird Blown Off Course was originally presented as part of the 2013 Blas Festival and is now a theatre/music cross over in this year's Celtic Connections festival.
I think it's a bit poor that signs have blown off them already.
Around 550 pupils at the school in Ely, Cardiff, were evacuated on Thursday, after the roof of the humanities building was blown off as severe rain and gales hit the country.
Neighbors said dust blown off the piles burns their eyes and makes breathing difficult.
First, after getting their toraborealis blown off in Afghanistan, our Islamic fascist antagonists may be seriously rethinking their hunker-in-the-bunker strategy; B, we're still waiting on the 411 for those weapons of mass destruction the RNEP would be hunting down; and 3, wagging fingers at Iran and North Korea about nuclear proliferation while poring over "Bunkie's" blueprints may turn out to be not the smartest arms-control strategy.
Carbon Hill Junior High School, in Alabama, had its roof blown off.
I met women and children with limbs blown off by land mines, and saw orphaned kids caked in dust with swollen bellies and stick limbs.
In Birmingham, the roof of an office block on the Hagley Road was blown off by the 50mph winds, causing police to close the road while debris was removed.
The cured hoses were then blown off the mandrels with pressurized air.