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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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Well I'll Be Blowed harmonica players from left, president Eric Houghton, Alf Clay, Alwyn Wilson, and Rob Shannon
222) He even views the senator's assassination, following so fast on the heels of Minifees's own Cadillac flambe, as another in a long series of white appropriations: "here comes a cat who's done grabbed my Sunraider riff and blowed it through a goddamn shotgun
South Africa made it's presence felt as it's players blowed their way with Vuvuzelas.
In her The Real Hiphop: Battling for Knowledge, Power, and Respect in the LA Underground, Marcyliena Morgan, a Professor of African and African American Studies and Executive Director of the Hiphop Archive at Harvard University, provides an ethnology of Los Angeles's Good Life/Project Blowed.
An' den a big win' came erlong en' blowed a tree down, an' it fell on 'im an' smashed 'im all ter pieces, an' groun' 'im ter powder," powder that is eventually washed away in the creek itself by a heavy rain (CC 114).
s great-grandson), takes such a special-effects-on-steroids approach that the characters are MIA, but the film would have received the stock satirical rave from John Candy's SCTV mock movie reviewer: "It blowed up real good.
On the presidential election held in July 2, 2006, the Institutional Revolutionary Party was set back to third place and a political crisis blowed up.
For I loved that cook as a brother, I did, And the cook he worshipped me; But we'd both be blowed if we'd either be stowed In the other chap's hold, you see.
One of the explanations my brother-in-law said it may be a garbage bag blowed up in there, but all the smashed over vegetation in there - I really don't know.
That were right painful that," he puffed and blowed.
The eldest was without doors looking to some cattle; the middle-most, being a son about five years old, seeing his father's fowling piece, (being a very great one) stand in the chimney, took it and laid it upon a stool, as he had seen his father do, and pulled up the cock, (the spring being weak) and put down the hammer, then went to the other end and blowed in the mouth of the piece, as he had seen his father also do, and with that stirring the piece, being charged, it went off, and shot the child into the mouth and through his head.
Five Scenes from Tree-monisha: We're goin' around; Prelude; Aunt Dinah has blowed de Horn; Superstition; A Real Slow Drag.