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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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Peter: This guy (pointing to one of the pigs with the bricks), his house can't be blowed down and he saves his brothers.
The light-house keeper said that when the wind blowed strong on to the shore, the waves ate fast into the bank.
of tokens Nathan (SLI) felled 4 comed 3 catched 1 swimmed 1 Anne (MLU) bited 1 borned 1 hiddened 1 lied (instead of lay) 1 runned 1 thoughted 1 Becky (MLU) stealed 4 broked 2 comed 2 brokened 1 sawed 1 Carl (MLU) broked 8 comed 8 runned 3 catched 1 doned 1 falled 1 goned 1 Warren (MLU) comed 11 stucked 4 blowed 1 breaked 1 broked 1 Table 1.
That million-dollar Buttrick order," he said, "is blowed up, gone with the wind, down the drain, and lost in the deep blue sea
They all think I'm going to die," she thought, "but I'm blowed if that's going to happen.
He had to walk down stairs backwards, "and with every exertion puffed and blowed in a way that was unseeming and disagreeable.
She immediately jotted down the words verbatim to turn over to the FBI: "You better move that van or you'll be one blowed up bitch.
Triggered by McMurphy, the gradual revival of Bromden's own humanity and self-esteem is consistently described in terms of physical growth: "I looked down and saw how my foot was bigger than I'd ever remembered it, like McMurphy's just saying it had blowed it twice its size" (210).
Later, one of the bastard sepoys blowed me on the face with a gun .
There should be a fantastic bet in there somewhere but I'm blowed if I can find it.
Black tie be blowed," murmured one lad "ruddy half mourning already
But I'm blowed if I know why they should get bonuses, still less have those bonuses rise by a third this year.