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in radiology, a change in size of the focal spot, usually an increase.


an increase in x-ray focal spot size due to electrostatic repulsion.


Process of depositing a thin film of transparent material on the surface of an optical element (e.g. lens, mirror, prism) for the purpose of decreasing or increasing reflection. Reflection from specific wavelengths can be reduced or eliminated by varying the thickness of the film and by multilayer coating. Syn. blooming. See anti-reflection coating; white body; bandpass filter; Fresnel's formula.

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Q. How the fetus is influenced from Bloom syndrome? If the mother has the syndrome, what is the influence on the fetus?

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When your baby's so soapy and slippery, and when you're trying to bend over a tub or keep them in place in the sink, it just takes the enjoyment out of a moment that should be such a fun time," said Blooming Bath Co-Founder Eric Devericks.
Purchase a wildflower tag to help keep Georgia's roads blooming beautiful
A 1999 Titan Arum blooming at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in California drew 76,000 physical visitors.
I've never seen a year like this with poppies blooming in January.
The work horse of the herbaceous perennial garden is the spring- blooming lily-of-the-Nile (Agapanthus).
On Friday, the reserve itself had few poppies, though the hills were green with grass and redstem filaree, and patches of poppies were blooming in a field facing the reserve's main entrance.
The state wildflower can be found blooming on the warmest, sunniest slopes along Godde Hill Road and in Leona Valley, normally the first local spots where poppies show.
Like most figwort species, they stop blooming in cold weather and do not accept heat all that well.
In addition, Bella Rossa has a long blooming season, and sets many buds, even on young plants.
I would appreciate information on what I should do when it is done blooming.
Q: In a small slope area that receives full sun, wind and periodic gopher infestation, what short blooming plants do you suggest?

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