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Cruel; sanguinary; murderous
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The simple proposition (first made in that article in the Contemporary Review), that the bloodthirstiness of the horrifying Judith and Holofernes (Capodimonte Museum, Naples) by Orazio's daughter Artemisia was a vicarious revenge on her rapist Agostino Tassi and the male judges who subjected her to a cruel trial, has now been taken up elsewhere.
Together, these characters exemplify the bloodthirstiness, callous exploitation, emptiness, and boundless greed of the dominant European society, especially its capitalist manifestations.
It is not only when Homer likens humans to animals that their bloodthirstiness and violence increase.
He wanted her to call his bloodthirstiness bravery and his cruelty devotion.
Because this brief speech expresses the same bloodthirstiness as Hamlet's soliloquy in the prayer scene (3.
On the contrary, he implicitly recognized the justice of the calls for his head and the bloodthirstiness of the wolves howling at his door by offering to fire anyone on his staff who might prove to have been more clued-in than he was.
To be heroic can be an indication of character rather than of bloodthirstiness.
When a couple of animal-rights activists (Danielle Mason, Oliver Driver) release a failed and highly contagious prototype into the flock, bloodthirstiness spreads like brucellosis among the rams and ewes.
Lady Macbeth's determined bloodthirstiness and ambition emerge out of her mother's thwarted ambition and her father's easygoing neglect of the opportunity to correct his daughter's political scheming by attaching her more firmly to him by ties of emotion and duty.
77): on the one had, the providence of the gods supports heroic virtue--through the beautification of their deaths and the moral limits they set on their conduct in battle, the gods prevent the "great-spiritedness" of the heroes from degenerating into bestial cruelty and bloodthirstiness (pp.
What more need he look for--Jew moneylender/usurer, clannishness, bloodthirstiness, all here?