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The direct line of descent; a pedigree.
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The breeding program produces an average of 11 litters a year, but several litters since the program's inception have proven to be more influential than the others, in terms of producing the bloodline that Hilliard has been searching for.
Harrison and Hetherington's David Pritchard said: "We are expecting both national and international interest, as the Cowporation Dispersal Sale brings together some of the very best Limousin bloodlines in Europe and is a rare opportunity for breeders to add some elite genetics to their herds.
The deal is simple: all it takes to bag the right big project if you have the right bloodline is a sexy look.
Red Squirrel bloodlines have been studied on Anglesey
The authors also propose that the Priory de Sion has protected the bloodline and the bones of Mary Magdalene down through the centuries.
Developed by Stunlock Studios, Bloodline Champions is a fast-paced, pure PvP team game where players choose from a variety of characters and battle against other teams' heroes.
The Global Hemodialysis Bloodline Systems Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the hemodialysis bloodline industry.
Mysterious attacks against those sharing the bloodline escalates and girls such as Zoe are sent to New Orleans based mysterious school, Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, to learn how to defend and protect themselves.
BLOODLINE BY LYNDA LA PLANTE (Simon & Schuster, pounds 18.
The Hampden chief executive confirmed the four home nations are sticking - for now - to their gentleman's agreement to cap only players with a bloodline to their country.
She wants 11 of his reindeer bulls to boost the bloodline of her 150-strong herd, to avoid its genetic base weakening.