blood circulation system

blood circulation system,

n in Chinese medicine, system that transmits central and local biomolecular elements plus the cellular and biochemical changes stimulated by an acupuncture treatment within the periphery.
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This year the emphasis is made on prevention of such diseases as blood circulation system disorders, diabetes, cancer and behavioral risk factors.
They can also cause pulmonary embolism - when the clot travels around the blood circulation system and reaches the heart or lungs.
Another danger of blood clots is a pulmonary embolism, which occurs when a blood clot travels around the blood circulation system and reaches the heart or lungs.
These drinks containing caffeine and other stimulants are designed to stimulate the nervous and blood circulation system," she said.
The 16 contributions in this British textbook introduce the anatomy and physiology of the blood circulation system, peripheral intravenous therapy, local and systemic complications, types of infusion devices, vascular access, and long-term central venous access.
Laima Orzekauskiere from Lithuania has incorporated digital photography in her male nude work and Helmie van de Riet's With and Without Oxygen is a mass of red and blue threads in a body shape, inspired by the blood circulation system.
As a result, the Pope's blood circulation system collapsed.
Lymph - a colourless fluid which forms in the body and normally drains back into the blood circulation system through a network of nodes - accumulates in the tissues and swelling occurs.
VG - MP: Designed to improve and enhance the Body Energy "QI" and blood circulation system, preventing miscarriage and enhancing the female's regeneration system and functions and improving the body's unique energy and endurance level;
Scientists also discovered that direct injections of young blood have the same effect on an older mouse as hooking its blood circulation system up to a younger mouse's does.
Radiation, even in low levels, can increase the incidence of cancer, with particularly sensitive areas being the digestive system and the blood circulation system.
Endothelial cells, which line the blood vessels, connect the tumor to the main blood circulation system.