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Drug slang A regional term for marijuana
Vox populi adjective Referring to light yellow colored hair
noun A person possessing such a hair color
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The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie brings the most sparkly splendor of fashion," the description read.
Our favourite blonde celebrates The Blonds, dressed for an amazing adventure.
In its defense, the company says it does not discriminate but that brunettes often find themselves reaching for a bottle of hair bleach after spending time around so many blonds.
He thinks blond men have a good deal as far as the 'dumb' tag is concerned, claiming never to have suffered that stereotype himself.
I don't think blond men get tarred with the same brush as blonde women - it's not really fair to think someone's stupid just because of their hair colour, " he said.
But the ease of travel has meant mixed relationships are becoming more common - and real blonds becoming more of a rariety.
The "Madonna: Blond Ambition World Tour Live" laserdisc is the most successful Pioneer Artists title to date.
On March 14, 1997, Blond Bear announced an agreement to purchase the issued and outstanding shares of Mainchan which acquisition will constitute its Major Transaction.
Adapted by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith (``10 Things I Hate About You'') from a novel by blond (of course) lawyer Amanda Brown, the script is full of pseudo-hip dialogue and the usual effort to create a slangy argot of its own.
Others are still finding out if blondes have more fun, including former Dodger hunk Mike Piazza (now New York Mets catcher), who shocked the sports world with his overly bleached 'do and beard, and actress Winona Ryder, whose trademark mahogany fringe has been recently traded for blond tendrils.
JERRY HALL: "Underneath this dizzy blonde there is one very smart brunette" JOANNA LUMLEY: "There's a brain behind the beehive" MARGARET THATCHER: "She got blonder the more powerful she became" GAZZA: "Set the trend for bottle blonds among footballers.