block design test

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block de·sign test

a performance test using colored blocks that the person tested must use to match pictured designs; one of the subtests of the Wechsler intelligence scales.
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These mainstream tests include the Kohs Block Design Test (four haptic versions: 1960, 1966, and twice in 2002), the Wechsler intelligence scales (three haptic versions: 1964, 1990, and 1993), Raven's Progressive Matrices (two haptic versions: 1964 and 2007), the D48 (one haptic version: 1968), the Boehm Test of Basic Concepts (one haptic version: 1977), the TONI (one haptic version: 1989), and the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task (one haptic version: 2004).
Testing the nonverbal intelligence of working-age visually impaired adults: Evaluation of the adapted Kohs Block Design Test.
For the block design test, investigators measured how well subjects copied a particular block pattern drawn on a piece of paper and how long it took them.