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Johann N., German surgeon, 1775-1840. See: Rust phenomenon.


One of several members of an order of parasitic fungi (Uredinales), all of which are parasitic on plants. Many of these are allergens.


fungal diseases of plant stems and leaves caused by members of the order Uredinales. Rusts are OBLIGATE parasites, their host plants often being cereals. For example, the fungus Puccinia graminis tritici causes black stem rust of wheat.


1. a disease of tropical fish in aquariums caused by the protozoa Oodinium limneticum and characterized by loss of luster of the skin surface. Causes heavy mortality.
2. a bacterial disease of the shell in turtles. See also shell rot.

Patient discussion about rust

Q. Are throat nodulars caused by second hand smoke, allergy drip, and reflux. Also can chlorine and rust in water

A. Throat nodules, or also known as - vocal cord nodules, are usually caused by maximum contact between the two vocal cords. The cause of these formations are usually strenuous or abusive voice practices such as yelling and coughing. Persons who are often susceptible are those who use their voice constantly in a loud environment. Examples include teachers, cheerleaders, politicians, actors, musicians and singers. I am not sure I understand the question about chlorine and rust in water, I don't think these factors have a connection to vocal cord nodules. Other throat nodules can be cause by smoking (not as much in second hand smoke), alcohol or chewed tobbacco use.

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The lantana blister rust attacks the stems, leaf stalks and leaves, effectively killing the plant.
Wandering through the high-elevation forests of Montana and Idaho, she found matriarchal whitebark pines that seemed to have survived the choking tendrils of blister rust.
NRDC fears that this one-two punch--beetles attacking mature whitebark pines and blister rust killing smaller ones--could have a devastating impact on high-altitude forests across the American West.
Similar efforts have been to combat white pine blister rust.
By request of Quinn and McKay, scientists from Cornell University revisited the white pine blister rust issue.
Sugar pine is a 'white' or five-needle pine and part of a subgenus of the pine group that is susceptible to white pine blister rust (Cronartium ribicola J.
A whitebark pine that's weak from drought and a disease like blister rust has barely enough energy reserves to maintain basic functions," says Diana Six, a scientist with the College of Forestry and Conservation at the University of Montana.
We have to identify individual trees that have important genes, such as resistance to blister rust," explains Richards.
white-pine seedlings to England and, as the tree spread across Europe, blister rust, a disease affecting these pines, appeared in Germany.
I study the ecological effects of white pine blister rust, caused by a pathogen introduced more than a century ago,
A mutant form of white pine blister rust was discovered by Cornell University researcher Kerik Cox in 2011 in Connecticut.
From the adelgid infestation in Great Smoky Mountains, to lethal fungus killing off native dogwoods along the Eastern seaboard, to a deadly organism causing Sudden Oak Death Syndrome along the California coast and a fatal blister rust on whitebark and limber pines from the Pacific Ocean hundreds of miles inland to the Rockies, America's forests are under assault.