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ON THE MARCH: Dragon Duncan Bannatyne (right) with Pc David Rathband and his wife Kath (centre) in Seaton Sluice, before starting a sponsored blindfold walk
Brief use of a trick, see-through blindfold led 18-month-olds to assume that a blindfolded adult could see objects in plain view, even though 18-month-old children rarely make such a mistake.
I yanked off my blindfold and realized our friends had pulled a prank on us.
Blindfold the subject, making sure the person can't see anything.
Now give your partner the blindfold and clothespin and let him try.
Do not try this at home," joked Dresser to the capacity audience as the blindfold was secured on him during one demonstration - referring to the act of replacing an iPod battery blindfolded.
I have to go in there with a blindfold now; which backfired the other day.
Coun Susan Dungworth, from Northumberland County Council, put on a blindfold for a walkabout in Morpeth town centre following a request from the Northumberland Ac-tion Group for visually impaired people and the sight loss charity RNIB.
The boys will be wearing Blind Veteran UK T-shirts and will take it in turns to wear the blindfold and lead each other.
Keith said: "I was doing a stunt that involved me driving with a blindfold on.
Mr Moore, 36, from Lincoln, told Channel 4 News: "They handcuff me behind my back, blindfold me, walk me out into another room, and they kneel me down.
If it was a spirit guiding it, for instance, it could do it blindfold.