blind passage

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blind pas·sage

successive transfer of an agent through cultures or animals without apparent replication or disease.


introduction followed by recovery of an infectious agent in an experimental animal or culture medium.

blind passage
passage of an infectious agent through an experimental animal or medium without there being any evidence, clinical or cultural, that the agent is present.
serial passage
repeated passage through a series of experimental animals or media, often with the objective of altering the virulence of the agent or adapting it to grow better.
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After 1 blind passage, cytopathic effects were clearly visible in [approximately equal to] 80% of the cells.
Two cultures (ArEq001 and ArEq003) showed CPEs on day 7 postinoculation of the original isolation; in the third culture (ArEq002), CPEs were observed only after the blind passage on day 7 after inoculation.
One additional blind passage was performed if CPE was not observed during the first passage.