blended family

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1. a group of people related by blood or marriage or a strong common bond, such as those descended from a common ancestor, or a husband, wife, and their children.
2. a taxonomic category below an order and above a genus.
blended family a family unit composed of a married couple and their offspring including some from previous marriages.
dysfunctional family one in which adult caregivers are unable to consistently fulfill their family responsibilities.
extended family a nuclear family and their close relatives, such as the children's grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
nuclear family a family consisting of a two-generation relationship of parents and children, living together and more or less isolated from their extended family.
nuclear dyad family a husband and wife with no children.
family of origin the family in which a person grew up.
family processes the psychosocial, physiological, and spiritual functions and relationships within the family unit; for nursing diagnoses, see under process.
single-parent family a lone parent and offspring living together as a family unit.
skewed family a family in which one spouse is severely dysfunctional and the other spouse assumes an acquiescent, peacemaking stance to maintain equilibrium.
family (omaha) in the omaha system, a problem modifier defined as a social unit or related group of individuals who live together and who experience a health-related problem.

blended family

Etymology: ME, blenden, to mix
a family formed when parents bring together children from previous marriages.

blended family

A family unit comprised of both biological and adopted children, and/or with children of different races, and/or a family with step-parent relationships arising from remarriage with parents who already have children from a previous marriage or relationship.

blend·ed fam·i·ly

(blend'ĕd fam'i-lē)
Family group that includes children from past and present relationships.

Blended family

A family formed by the remarriage of a divorced or widowed parent. It includes the new husband and wife, plus some or all of their children from previous marriages.
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Because we already have a Sunday set aside as the Feast of the Holy Family, maybe we could celebrate some other Sunday as the "Feast of the Blended Family.
It is suggested that older children more so than younger children have the power to improve the functioning of the blended family.
So in my story all the characters begin to appreciate that each point on the blended family triangle is at best an uncomfortable balancing act, and they all start cutting each other a little slack.
With soft, colorful illustrations and charming dialogue, The Meeting is a story of the ups and downs of forming a blended family, making new friends, and keeping absent loved ones in our hearts.
The latest installment highlights a real, blended family as well as the brand's continued commitment to making wholesome products for every family.
Powerful Heartwarming Stories of Blended Family Relationships
Accept the fact a blended family will not automatically act or feel like the idealised picture in your head.
A young boy is used to living with just his mother; he doesn't want a stepfather, yet she is getting married and anxious to show him that he will always be a beloved member of the new blended family.
Careful planning and an emphasis on education helped this blended family succeed, according to David.
Two-thirds (65%) of Single Women say they do not have a good idea of how much annual income they will need to fund the their retirement, compared with roughly half of their Traditional and Blended Family counterparts (48% and 54%, respectively).
5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The largest growing estate-planning market in the United States is now the modern or blended family, which brings together parents and children from other marriages or relationships.
She specializes in connection and communication techniques, divorce prevention and affair repair, and blended family issues.