bleary eye

blear·y eye

older term for sore, runny, watery eye with an associated lackluster appearance and, by extension, dimness of vision.
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I'll have nothing to do with them," he said, looking with bleary eyes at the men who walked along the station platform past the telegraph office.
His red, bloated face, bleary eyes and bulbous nose bespoke the manner of his life; while his thick lips, the lower hanging large and flabby over his receding chin, indicated the base passions to which his life and been given.
The human race is a bit like the beersodden bum who fixes us with bleary eye and says, "I wasn't always like this, ya' know?
But watch anyway before heading out to the Bleary Eye Tavern for the annual Christmas Eve craps game.
Forced to rub my bleary eyes and take a gulp of water, I studied the long, darkhaired giants taking up most of the seats in front of me and finally realised what I was looking at.
Despite her unsteady legs and bleary eyes, Alexandra was keen to pose for waiting photographers while Cheryl was left tugging her arm.
The stylish shop has just 10 pairs of original 1970s Dior shades in stock to help bring a bit of retro glamour to your look, even if the glasses are just to hide a set of bleary eyes behind.
The trio sported bleary eyes and dishevelled hair as they left the glitzy bash.
WASHINGTON - Bleary eyes, jet lag and conflicting missions are all adding up to a raging case of bicoastal disorder for Southern California- based House members and their families.
Maybe it was our bleary eyes from being woken in the dark and trudging home in the dark on these cold, downright ghastly days (woe is M) or maybe it was a hangover, but when these pictures passed us by we got a bit confused.
They regard the reporter warily through bleary eyes, and wonder what he's doing in south Sydney in a faded enclave of low-end business establishments and mean streets that contrasts dramatically to the teeming opulence and skyscraper splendor and spectacular harbor vistas only a few miles away in the middle of the city.
The reason for the optimism was clear, even through bleary eyes.