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blastemata, blastemal, blastematic, blastemic

See blastema.


adjective Relating to, connected with, or proceeding from a blastema; rudimentary; primitive.


An immature material from which cells and tissues develop.
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Microscopical picture (hematoxylin-eosin, x100) showing blastemal cells and stromal element.
Maintenance of blastemal proliferation by functionally diverse epidermis in regenerating zebrafish fins.
1] did not interfere in the expression of the genes required to the formation of the epidermal cap and the blastema, but could have interfered, momentarily, during transcriptions or translations or even complexing with proteins inhibiting their expression as an enzyme or structural functions as a protein in the process of blastemal cells differentiation on the cells responsible for the synthesis and deposition of actinotrichia and lepidotrichia, or even in the necessary signalling to differentiated cells to trigger the synthesis of the components of the dermal skeleton.
5 cm Blastemal 4 9cm 6cm Anaplastic And other(CMN) 1 8cm 8cm 1
The malignant elements differ from those seen in blastomas in that they lack the blastemal primitive appearance and histologically resemble adult-type carcinomas and sarcomas.
On microscopy, multiple sections studied from the tumor showed admixture of blastemal, epithelial and stromal components (Figure 3).
11) Wilms tumor is a malignant embryonal neoplasm of nephrogenic blastemal cells.
Heterologous differentiation, blastemal elements, nephrogenic rests favor diagnosis of Wilms tumor.