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blastemata, blastemal, blastematic, blastemic

See blastema.


adjective Relating to, connected with, or proceeding from a blastema; rudimentary; primitive.


An immature material from which cells and tissues develop.
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Classification of Hepatoblastoma Major categories Epithelial Fetal, well differentiated (mitotically inactive with minimal mitotic rate of [less than or equal to]2 mitoses per 10, x40 objective fields) Fetal, mitotically active (>2 mitoses per 10, x40 objective fields) Embryonal Macrotrabecular Small cell, undifferentiated Rhabdoid Mixed stroma having osteoid features; rarely striated muscle, cartilage, or minor components as follows: Cholangioblastic (ductal) Intestinal glandular epithelium (teratoid) Neuroid-melanocytic (teratoid) Rhabdomyoblastic Chondroid Blastemal
Skeletal muscle and blastemal elements were also absent.
Multiple histologic sections of the tumor (in excess of 1 per centimeter of tumor) showed the presence of necrotic tissue admixed with epithelial structures and focal aggregates of undifferentiated blastemal tissue (Figure 2).