bladder augmentation

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an adding on.
bladder augmentation augmentation cystoplasty.
breast augmentation popular name for augmentation mammaplasty.

bladder augmentation

augmentation cystoplasty, often achieved with the addition of a flap of bowel or stomach to the bladder to increase bladder volume.

augmentation cystoplasty

Reconstructive surgery in which a segment of the bowel is removed and used to replace part of a diseased urinary bladder in patients with low bladder capacity or detrusor compliance, resulting in severe urgency, frequency, incontinence, recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), pyelonephritis, or progressive renal insufficiency.

Bowel obstruction, blood clots, infection, pneumonia, urinary fistulae, UTI, difficulty urinating and, rarely, tumours.

Inflammatory bowel disease (especially Crohn’s disease), short or irradiated bowel, bladder tumours, severe radiation cystitis, severe renal insufficiency.

bladder augmentation

Surgical enlargement of the urinary bladder with a segment of bowel. The technique enlarges the reservoir of the bladder and enhances the compliance of the detrusor muscles. It is used esp. in patients with neurogenic bladder problems refractory to medical therapy. When a major portion of the bladder is resected (due to a malignancy), an isolated intestinal pouch is used as a substitute for the bladder (neoenterocystoplasty).
Synonym: enterocystoplasty
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