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A popular term for the refusal of insurers to cover high-risk persons—e.g., those with heart disease, family history of cancer, etc. —or high-risk occupations—aka industry screening
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Until companies are brought to account, there is a full public inquiry into blacklisting and effective antiblacklisting laws are introduced this disgusting practice will continue.
The Scottish Government have declared that they will not deal with blacklisting companies.
Preventing self employed people and agency workers from working in the construction sector would be unnecessarily restrictive and would not provide additional protection against blacklisting.
The day of action took place across the UK and outside of firms allegedly involved in blacklisting.
Companies bidding for work should understand they are providing services to the local taxpayer and anyone engaging in blacklisting is not welcome.
The council, which joins 29 other local authorities backing the campaign, also agreed not to award contracts to firms involved in blacklisting.
The MPs said: "We have heard enough evidence to satisfy us that people have been wrongly denied employment because of the services provided by the Consulting Association, and that the practice of blacklisting may well extend further than that.
And it has been said blacklisting on government contracts is still going on.
The latest rules ban employers from blacklisting workers for trade union membership, trade union history or activities.
In many cases the blacklisting is a result of identity theft, and the study says 14 per cent of victims had passwords stolen by a family member, friend or partner, while 18 percent had details stolen online.
Kallas told a seminar staged by Transparency International and EU anti-fraud unit OLAF the EU blacklisting system should be actively improved, because national governments "were reluctant to exchange information about doubtful companies.
IATA called blacklisting "punitive" and said it would not improve safety.