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Greene V., U.S. dentist, 1836-1915. See: Black classification.


(blak) reflecting no light or true color; of the darkest hue.


A person who, for the purposes of equal opportunity monitoring, has Black ethnic lineage, which includes, but is not limited to, British Blacks, regardless of where they were raised or educated.

A person having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa. It includes people who indicate their race as "Black, African American, or Negro," or provide written entries such as Afro American, Kenyan, Nigerian or Haitian.

politically correct

Politically sensitive adjective Referring to language reflecting awareness and sensitivity to another person's physical, mental, cultural, or other disadvantages or deviations from a norm; a person is not mentally retarded, but rather mentally challenged; a person is not obese but rather has an eating disorder, etc
Politically correct-a microglossary
Former term PC term
American Indian Native American
Black African American
Demented Disoriented, severely confused
Handicapped Disadvantaged
Homophobic Heterosexually biased
Housebound Domestic
(American) Indian  Native American
Mentally retarded Mentally disabled or challenged
Obese Large, ample, right-sized
Oriental  Asian
Physically handicapped Physically disadvantaged
Poorly educated Educationally disadvantaged
Racist Culturally insensitive
Stupid Educationally challenged
Politically correct ad absurdum–a microglossary
PCAA term Translation
Colorful Flaky, fruity
Detail oriented  Anal-retentive or, if extreme, obsessive compulsive
Eccentric  Nuts, weird
Enthusiastic & hopeful  Insufferably arrogant
Follicly challenged  Bald
Knowledge deficient Ignorant
Obtunded Stupid
Sexual arts specialist  Prostitute, hooker
Sexual arts aficionado  Slut, sleaze
Vertically challenged Short
Vertically enhanced  Tall
Visually challenged Myopic  


A visual sensation having no colour and being of extremely low luminosity.


1. without color, at the opposite end of the spectrum to white; the color of soot.
2. a universally accepted coat color. In horses, solid black with no pattern in it, the muzzle is black, and there may be white markings on the lower limbs and the head.

Patient discussion about black

Q. Why would your poop be black?

A. If it is black or black and tar like, it could mean a gastro bleed.

Q. My nails are black- is it dangerous? Hi, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and now I receive chemotherapy. This morning I found that my nails are brown and blue, and other nails have white lines on them. Is that dangerous? Should go and see a doctor?

A. The chemo can cause several changes in your nail, e.g. make them brittle etc. You can find some more info at :

Q. Has anyone tried black cohosh for the later years in life?

A. my mother in law took it, she said it was very helpful but it could be a placebo effect... here is some info about black cohosh from a very relay able site

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The stories are similar, yet each brings a new perspective on one of the blackest marks in human history.
They chose Nicolson's memoir from a shortlist which also included: The Legend of Colton H Bryant by Alexandra Fuller; Selected Poems by Ian McDonald; and The Blackest Streets: The Life and Death of a Victorian Slum by Sarah Wise.
What a dreadful end for what has become the blackest of black horses.
Eugene Ionescu's blackest of black comedies presents us with a surreal take on Shakespeare's Macbeth in an energetic RSC production.
Otherwise, a blue noon reveals, as likewise blackest nighttime hides, too much.
More reading: ``Football's Blackest Hole: A Fan's Perspective,'' by Craig Parker (North Atlantic Books) written in 2003.
The Winter of Discontent in 1978/9 will go down as the blackest mark on Lord Callaghan's political career.
The air of bitter disappointment was palpable as Foner described young Russians who admire Abraham Lincoln but "paint the history of the Soviet era in the blackest hues, reclassifying every top leader between Lenin and Gorbachev as either criminal or incompetent.
following his brilliant homeward 31 to edge out Ernie Els, while Lara provided the spread firms with one of their blackest days
Sir Philip Sidney was by no means alone in seeking "fit words to paint the blackest face of woe.
Examples included "the world's blackest black," an exceptionally light-absorbent chemical coating invented to improve the Hubble Space Telescope's imaging capacity; the specific blue used for Chroma-Key video effects; the black leopard's deceptive "spots" (the consequence of differences in fur length rather than color); and Black Watch military tartan.
Auschwitz, the blackest paint in the blackest hole.