White Birch

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A tree containing betulinol, glycosides, flavonoids, saponins, sesquiterpenes, tannins, volatile oil—e.g., betulin


(Betula alba) Often consumed as a tea; the oil preparation is of alleged value in bladder disorders; sometimes used topically, although its toxicity makes it unsuitable for pediatric patients.
Synonym(s): white birch.
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Yellow birch: American birch Sweet birch: cherry and black birch Paper birch: white and canoe birch
There's been a lot of muted yellow and some reds," she said yesterday of the park that lists among its most common trees black birch and chestnut oak.
But since the storm, with nothing blocking sunlight, we expect a thick cover of raspberries, oak seedlings, along with black birch, red maple, and white pine seedlings all vying for dominance, creating a canopy over the downed trees in as little as 3 to 5 years, he said.
More recently he's been picking burdock flower stalks and petioles, Juneberries, mulberries, chickweed leaves, sow thistle leaves, black birch twigs (for tea), cattail pollen, purslane leaves, lamb's quarters leaves, chanterelles, carrion flower shoots, and milkweed flower buds.
In the Eastern Hemlock area there are hemlock up to 260 years old, black birch up to 245 years old and red oaks up to 315 years old, he said.
We have a tree here, a big black birch," Trexler said.