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1. An alcoholic liquor in which bitter vegetable substances (for example, quinine, gentian) have been steeped.
See also: bitter tonic.
2. Bitter vegetable drugs (for example, quassia, gentian, cinchona), usually used as tonics. Synonym(s): amara


n orally administered drugs made from botanical sources. Bitter in taste, they often are used to activate the gastrointestinal tract, to reduce inflammation, and to work as mild sedatives.


reflex sialogogues. Included in the group are gentian, quassia, nux vomica and quinine.
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Dedicated taste receptors in the tongue detect sweet or bitter and so on, but it's the brain that affords meaning to these chemicals.
The good news is that custom bitters are easy to crank out in your own kitchen.
There are references to the word cocktail going back to 1806 and it appears that as the recipes evolved the simple mixing of spirit, sugar and bitters became the Old Fashioned.
We have Abbey Grange No 1 which is a traditional pale ale colour and will taste like a pale ale bitter.
Not only have we determined that, by definition, a cocktail must include bitters, but we have pored over recipes of yore that called for all manner of exotic bitters and have demanded that we be able to use them.
Best known as a concoction to jazz up cocktails, Angostura bitters is infused with an aura of mystery dating back to the days of Simon Bolivar.
According to Dave Wondrich, author of Esquire Drinks (Hearst 2004) and Killer Cocktails (Harper Collins 2005), potable bitters "carry a much lighter load of herbal components than aromatic bitters.
It was nearly five years ago that Mark and Robert Bitter, the principals of Scalamandre approached Greiner-Maltz to assist in their expansion plans.
It has knocked on a few doors in its time, but Bitter And Twisted has finally gained entry to an exclusive club.
Taste is actually a very direct way of experiencing the pharmacology of a plant--certain strong alkaloids taste bitter, volatile oils have an aromatic taste, certain plant acids have a sour of astringent taste.
The bitters are distilled from a secret blend of fragrant herbs and spices brewed in Trinidad and bring a distinctive flavour to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
Not when the drink is grappa, bitters or aquavit, three curiously different foreign spirits.